Colour PVC Windows

PVC Windows are available in any colour you can imagine from white to mucky brown if you wish. Simply quote a Ral number or we can match to your sample. 1st Call Vista can match almost any colour that you can provide.

People Like Colour!

PVC Windows in Cornwall are traditionally replaced with boring white or wood grains. Now when you want to add colour to your doors and window frames its never been easier. AVKO is not just a paint that sits on the surface. It is a coating, which chemically bonds to the substrate so that it will not flake or peel. AVKO also protects and increases the life of your windows.

Colour PVC Doors In Cornwall

AVKO are the only manufacturer of PVCu coatings who can prove without doubt that their product will continue to perform throughout its ten year guarantee period. There are numerous sites throughout the UK with AVKO window frames which, although over ten years old, still look as good as when they were first coated. The adhesion is still perfect and the colour is still beautiful.

Why Buy From Us?

1st Call Vista has been a window manufacturer in Cornwall for over 30 years. We have outlived our guarantees twice over and many of our customers have used us again and again as they move to new properties within the area. Most of our work is recommended by existing satisfied customers. We endeavor to fulfill all contracts within a reasonable time period. No silly 16 week lead time with us. If we agree on a fitting date we will do everything in our power to install on time. Our fitters are tidy and leave your home clean and tidy each evening so you have the minimal disruption to your routine.