So what's all the fuss about WER (Window Energy Ratings) then?

Vista's ECO SUPREME A+10 Rated Windows

These have an extra seal to the frames ensuring even less cold gets through, combined with our ultra high energy efficient Planitherm total Argon filled units with warm edge super spacer seals give a U-value below 1.3, so if long term savings are important this is the one for you.

So What Exactly Does It Mean To Me?

Now we have baffled you with science what does this mean to you?

Well If you use the our ECO SUPREME windows you will save about £250 per year off your heating bill and as the Government are discussing Rating your property on its energy efficiency your home may qualify for a lower rating band.

You may get more reflected light into your room but, more importantly, your home will be warmer on those cold winter nights.